Our tamales are simply the best and green corn is our specialty. Order a few for take out and surprise your friends and family!


1. Follow these steps for perfect tamales, everytime. For best results, use steam only. A regular pot with a steam basket or colander will work as well as a commercial steamer. Place tamales in the steamer with the water level on the bottom of the basket. All of our tamales are cooked, so you need only reheat them. If they are frozen, put them into the steamer directly from the freezer and heat for approximately 35 minutes. Cold tamales will need about 25 minutes. These times will vary with the amount of steam and type of pot used, so keep an eye on them.

2. If steam is unavailable, microwave tamales in a plastic sandwich bag with ½ oz. of water. Fold the bag over to create a seal. Use full power (high) for 1½ minutes when tamales are cold and 2½ to 3 minutes when they are frozen. Depending on the microwave and the amount of tamales to be heated, you may need additional time.

3. Please DO NOT use your oven. Baking tamales will cause them to dry out.

4. Enjoy!

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